Uppsala Ärna Airfield (flygplats)

Historical approach and aerodrome charts

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Location Indicator: ESCM

In the 1950s

Airfield chart Uppsala Ärna Airfield (flygplats), Sweden 1950
Airfield (October 1950) - There is a paved runway 035/215 with a length of 1,701 m (5,580 feet). There are also two unpaved runways with lengths of 1,829 m (6,000 feet) and 1,326 m (4,350 feet). The aerodrome is equipped with a radio beacon, which is switched on on request, and a VHF direction finder (VHF/DF). In the north, the road to Björkby / Ulva is still continuous. Directly west of Länsväg C-600 ends a connecting railway that don't exists anymore (today: Banvallsvägen)., (Source: US DoD)

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)

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